On Campus Clinic Day

Coordinating student appointments with outside vendors can be like sweeping water uphill. It is a never ending process. Whether it’s missed appointments or missing paperwork, the constant battle requires countless administrative man-hours.

Eliminate the problem with Vision Health On Campus Clinic Days. Vision Health keeps everything in one place – your place.

On Campus Clinic Days are all inclusive. Vision Health Clinic Tracker schedules student appointments in advance according to their enrollment date and curriculum requirements. A trained clinical team, including a Registered Nurse, comes to your campus for scheduled clinic days. All the supplies and equipment for injections, immunizations, titers, health and drug screenings and physicals are included. Real time data entry at point of service means that all documentation and records are immediately available to email, fax, or print.

On Campus Clinic Days increase participation. Do you currently send students off campus to get their health screenings and immunizations? Do you pay for service that never happened with varied and inconsistent vendor invoices? Do you find out weeks too late that something was missed because a student couldn’t get to the vendor’s location? Vision Health Clinic Tracker keeps it all in house, on campus and under control.

On Campus Clinic Days offer a great deal more than convenience. With Vision Health Clinic Tracker at your fingertips, you have immediate access to each student’s scheduled immunizations and titers. You know what procedures are needed and precisely when they are scheduled. You have access to up to date records without waiting. Standardized protocols mean reduced liability and increased efficiency.

Vision Health offers a multi-level pricing package to keep your costs manageable. You know ahead of time what each student needs and you get it done, conveniently on campus. Pay for exactly what you need and only what you need, with the schedules, documents and records at your fingertips.

Your students’ health track is designed with your existing structure in mind. That means inclusive billing or individual student payments on site can be accommodated to get the job done. Vision makes it easy.

A streamlined approach to managing and tracking student healthcare procedures: Vision Health