Vision Tracking

Vision Health’s Clinic Tracker is ideal for Healthcare training institutions, such as Medical Schools, Colleges and Technical schools that need a structured system in place to process health and drug testing, schedule immunizations and Titers, keep flawless records and produce professional reports.

Clinic Tracker is customized for each healthcare program your school offers. Each study program and curriculum has differing requirements for the students’ immunizations, titers and other tests, and Clinic Tracker keeps it all organized in one secure location.

Automatic immunization forecasts and On Campus Clinic scheduling are based on enrollment dates and student curriculum. Designed for efficiency, Clinic Tracker makes student data entry easy. Point and Click Reporting provides quick and easy procedure history and professional vaccination records.

Full vaccination and health record reports are at your fingertips to email, fax or print. Your students’ records will be up-to-date and ready to send to externships and employers, and your institution will be recognized for high-quality documentation and procedures.

Clinic Tracker offers the most professional and efficient way of managing health care, with streamlined tracking and competitive pricing. Secure, Web-based data is customized to your access needs means password protected user levels are determined by you. HIPAA privacy and security is ensured and you get the job done efficiently and professionally. Reduce overall costs by using Vision Healthcare Staff Management.

Convenient, easy and cost-effective: Vision Clinic Tracker is the answer. Contact us today to find out more!