Competitive Edge

Vision Healthcare Management gives you a competitive edge.

Vision Health offers a streamlined process to ensure your students have all the health procedures and immunizations necessary, along with the documentation they need to start a career in the medical field. Scheduling and record keeping are as easy as pushing a button with Vision Health’s custom Clinic Tracker program. Print, scan or email documents and records in a professional, complete package designed specifically for you.

With Vision Health Management, everything is under your control.

  • No more outsourcing tests and procedures to a clinic across town.
  • No more waiting for records from various sources.
  • No more reconciling differing documentation practices.

It’s all at your fingertips with Vision Healthcare. On campus clinic days correspond to class enrollment dates and student needs. On campus clinics mean fewer missed appointments. Each student’s immunizations, titers and other tests are tracked and recorded in one secure database. Status updates and changes are a simple click of the mouse. Vision makes it easy.

A convenient, efficient process ensures that each student finishes your program with exactly what they need to begin a career in the medical field. Vision’s Clinic Tracker program lets you easily produce reports and documentation. Your organization will be known for providing students and their employers with accurate and professional records. Higher demand for your graduates means higher enrollment in your programs.

Increased demand + increased enrollment = your competitive edge: Vision Health.

Real Change, Real Outcomes

Expect a difference with Vision. After a complete needs diagnosis and custom design, the program created for you will give your organization a structured, efficient system to produce consistent results, with the records and documents to complete it. A seamless health tracking program - under your control - at your fingertips. Schedule it, track it, document it - you get accurate and professional results with Vision Health.

People First

At Vision Health, we are dedicated to our clients. As we get to know you and your department’s needs, we establish personal relationships that last beyond software installation. We are here for you, ensuring your staff has all the training necessary to make your custom Clinic Tracking system work efficiently. When you call us, you can speak with someone you know – eliminating the all-too-common “help desk hassle” that sabotages productivity. You can expect friendly, personal service from your colleagues at Vision Health.

Quality Above All

Your reputation is built on the quality of your program and your students. Why gamble with outside vendors for your students’ health procedures? Vision Health gives you control over the process by keeping it in-house. Scheduling and tracking are at your fingertips. Shot records and test results are consistent and formatted to provide professional records to your specifications. Our program will deliver exactly what you need because it is custom designed for you.

Private & Confidential (Safe data)

The Vision Health Clinic Tracker program maintains all information in a secure data center. This web-based technology gives you instant access to clinic schedules and health/immunization records. High security and back up protocols eliminate the risk of lost information. No additional steps are required on your end to ensure HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

Comprehensive Solutions according to your needs

Healthcare training programs are varied, as are the required student health procedures with each course. That is why every Vision Health Clinic Tracker program is a custom fit. You get what you need, the way you need it. A structured program for an efficient process, designed for you. Vision Health is the solution.

The bottom line matters

Vision Health can reduce overall costs by eliminating outside vendors. Keep everything in-house and under one easy to use program. On campus clinic days and an efficient tracking program can save time, energy and headaches. Reduce time spent coordinating with outside vendors for scheduling students and receiving health and shot records. Eliminate lost paperwork with an organized tracking system designed for you. Produce professional records to send with students upon graduation. Departmental budgeting is easy with one set price and one invoice for all services. You know what to expect ahead of time. Efficient, professional, structured: Vision Health.