The most important communication tool is listening.

That is why we take the time to find out how you do what you do. Listening to you and your staff, learning about how your department operates is the first step. Understanding current processes, paperwork and record keeping tells us what issues and challenges need to be solved and the best way to do it.

Working along with you, we develop a diagnosis of your needs to ensure your custom solution offers the most efficient process to get the job done. The complete job. Vision Health offers your company the total process - with on-campus clinic days, tracking appointments and scheduling, with immediate access for processing reports and keeping records. Vision Health creates a custom program to do it all - Your way.

A process that works. Custom fit to your needs. Vision Health. An efficient, professional structure to keep things happening, when and how they need to happen.

Reduce the mountain of paperwork, eliminate the risk of an employee or student missing a required test or immunization, have all the records at your fingertips... Vision Health can do it all. One program, designed for you, the way you need it. The best solution is the one that fits your processes, meeting the needs of your curriculum, your students and state laws.

A Vision Health program is coordinated with the enrollment dates of each class. On campus clinic days are established with each class schedule, resulting in an efficient, professional structure to get it all done correctly, timely, and professionally... in one place. Accurate, professional records and reports are instantly available to print or email. Now for the best part…. It’s easy. Our custom program is made to be user-friendly, the way you need it to be.

Learning about you

At Vision Health, we understand firsthand the challenges of scheduling immunizations and tests for students in medical training programs. What we don’t know is how your specific institution operates. Which programs of study are offered and what documents do your students require? Where are the inefficiencies and roadblocks to getting it done? The answers to these questions lay the foundation for your ideal solution from Vision Health.

Diagnosis of Needs

Once we understand current operations, we look at where you need to be. Reducing paperwork while keeping precise records is just one objective. Giving your institution a streamlined approach to get your students from orientation to graduation and beyond is the ultimate goal of Vision’s full service Healthcare Management.

Strategize and Design

After we study your current procedures and diagnose your specific needs, we create a strategy to give you the clearest path from A to Z. We design your custom program based on exactly what you need. No resources are wasted. Managing Student Health records will be as easy as Point and Click with Vision Clinic Tracker. A structured program for you, with documents and records easily accessible, and a simplified cost structure for a consistent budgetary planning.

Vision can process individual student payments right on site. Cash, credit/debit cards and even money orders all work at Vision Health Care’s On Campus clinic days. The program is designed to work with existing (accounting) structures. School billing or student payments are all options that make Vision Health Care work.


Delivery means putting the program in place and adjusting it as needed for a perfect fit. Coordinating enrollment dates and study programs to schedule fully-staffed On Campus Clinic Days. Giving your administrative staff the necessary training to access shot records, schedule health procedures and produce the substantiating documents with maximum efficiency. It doesn’t end there – at Vision Health we are remain available to offer customer service and support long after your program is in place.

All inclusive Healthcare Management in an efficient, professional structure: Vision Health.